I advise SaaS
founders and coach
design teams.

I help entrepreneurs commercialize their ideas and find product-market fit.


I’ve worked with several US’s fastest-growing startups.


Products launched

Digital products successfully launched in the past 3 years.


Customer interviews

Getting to the bottom of things. Solving the right problems.


Combined ARR

Revenue generated from product and feature launches.


Zoom calls

Start together. Finish together. COVID-19 changed everything.

case studies

Selected Projects

Partnering with B2B SaaS companies to ship meaningful work.


What I offer

Startup Advisory

As a peer, I come alongside founding teams to offer impartial advice from over a decade of shipping products that customers love.

Installing Lean product practices

Talking to users

Customer support and Service design

Workshop facilitation

Design Direction

I oversee various creative execution aspects – from setting over-arching principles to pushing pixels — to help you ship gorgeous interfaces.

Product vision

Design systems and tooling

Internal rebrands

Design KPIs

Recruiting and Hiring

I help set the quality bar by hiring great product talent and shaping the culture so they stick around.

Crafting job descriptions

Reviewing portfolios

Building the interview process

New hire on-boarding

Brent has been instrumental for two companies I've started, QuotaPath and TrendKite. At TrendKite he did a complete ground-up redesign of the application. There was no other choice of who I'd work with again when I started QuotaPath.

AJ Bruno

Co-founder and CEO, QuotaPath

Brent took an 20 year-old existing service company turned it into a modern tech brand - Point Health. He worked on our mobile app, logo, and website. He truly hit a home run on everything he touched!

Matt Dale

CEO, Point Health

Brent was a great hand in building our MVP. He was able to take a complex set of requirements and create a library of components and a more simplified UI than we had imagined.

Shri Ganeshram

Founder and CTO, Awning

Brent brought our vision to life. Quite simply, he is the most creative and thoughtful designer I've ever worked with.

Gary Garafalo

Co-founder and CEO, LoudCrowd