Product design & digital strategy
for SaaS companies

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I’m an end-to-end product designer who collaborates at every business
level. My approach is designed to evolve the development processes and
the user experience.

1. Discovery

I start by consolidating all available project documentation and schedule
workshops with your team. During those sessions, I interview
stakeholders, collaborate on requirements, ideate, and plan the next steps.
When possible, I talk to your current or potential customers to understand
their needs and pain points. I will also review competitor products, gather
visual design references, and document best practices.

2. Definition

Based on the discovery and research results, I synthesize a digital strategy
and define a UX approach that drives the rest of the project. I craft a crisp
set of user needs (JTBD) and work with product teams to establish KPIs
for success. I conduct user interviews to validate the strategy before a line
of code is written. This ensures we’re building something viable.

3. Execution

I then move into delivery mode by producing interactive prototypes, user
flows, wireframes, and high-fidelity UIs. I pair with developers in the
environment of choice to get the fit and finish right, continuously
conducting user tests and iterating along the way.

4. Phased release

I work with Engineering teams to feature flag solutions to affected groups.
Tools like FullStory and HotJar are incredibly beneficial in studying new
feature adoption. I compile a list of improvements based on new insights.
Rinse and repeat.

I work primarily with B2B SaaS companies and funded startups that develop software in the finance, marketing, sales, healthcare, productivity, and communication sectors. I like to collaborate closely with CEOs, Founders, CPOs, and VPs of Marketing, Product, or Technology.

Currently, I’m meeting only over the phone or video conference. On occasion, I take kickoff meetings at one of the many gorgeous outdoor patios in Austin, TX.

I focus on human-centric design, which includes the process outlined above. I always suggest emailing me first to discuss your project needs in detail.

No, but I take on branding projects that may be a good fit on rare occasions. I work with several graphic designers specializing in illustration and identity should you need branding work in addition to product development.

Excellent question! I partner with several creative partners in the Austin area that can help provide the following services, Photography, Illustration, Motion Graphics, Videography, and Front-end development.