Reimagining a marketing platform in six months


Product Strategy, UI, Brand


App and website


Growth Marketing



Backed by Y Combinator in 2018, the founding team set out to help B2B SaaS companies personalize their websites, increase trials, and demo signups. Proof Experiences lets you personalize your website by changing text and images visually.



Beyond social proof

I arrived at a unique moment in Proof's history. By the end of 2019, Proof wasn't a notifications company anymore, and, for a variety of reasons, the old brand impeded efforts to sell Proof to the right people.

Marketers were looking for new ways to increase conversions on their SaaS websites without nagging a developer. A/B testing platforms required too much instrumentation and cost too much. Proof had a new story and I led the effort to "hit the rest button."


Internal rebrand

Starting from pixel zero

Without an existing product in place, I had a blank canvas for envisioning how the entire app would look and function. A new brand and product experience could dramatically differentiate and break away from Proof's old positioning.


Visual Editor

The low-code movement

Opinionated by choice, providing "just enough" functionality in the app was the key to success. Leveraging familiar paradigms, Proof's visual editor allowed marketers to make H1, and hero image changes WYSIWYG, much like they would with existing tools like Mailchimp or Twilio.

Proof Experiences lets customers do direct DOM manipulation on a live site to see what the personalization will look like in real-time. Additional functionality for styling controls expanded over time based on user feedback.


Core app

Managing campaigns and audiences

The core app experience directed Marketers to group visitors based on firmographic, demographic, location, or industry data. A SaaS company like Appcues, for example, could connect their current CRM to Proof or build their audiences directly within the app. My product strategy was three-fold:

My product strategy was three-fold: Deepen our relationship with Clearbit to offer Reveal audiences out-of-the-box, formalize a roadmap for CRM integrations like Salesforce and HubSpot, and design a lightweight filter builder within Experiences.



Website redesign

My goal was to pivot the brand while not interfering with conversions from the legacy product, Pulse. The new website had to support both products under one brand umbrella while growing each business unit.

I established a set of design and brand principles to help prioritize decisions. Proof wanted to appeal to all marketers, so I produced a more balanced and inclusive aesthetic. The website was built in such a way to allow the founding team to utilize Experiences for various personalizations.



Strong initial growth

Proof Experiences and saw MRR increase 300% in 1H of 2020 with 12 new paying customers. Proof Experiences free trial launch saw 14% WoW growth in trial accounts created, with 27 new trials a day.

The Marketing site redesign resulted in a bounce rate decrease of 4.9% in 3 months, down from 68.9%. Most importantly, Proof Experiences customers saw an average 125% increase in conversions within the first week of launching a personalization.