Rewarding loyal fans on Instagram


Product Strategy, Brand


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Founded in 2019, LoudCrowd set out to help everyday consumers become “influencers” for their favorite brands. I partnered with the founders to design a social media platform from the ground up.



Too many spreadsheets

For Community Managers at consumer brands, it's difficult to engage with regular customers who love their products on Instagram. It's often manual and brands don't have the tools to attract, segment, and engage fans with smaller followings on social media.

Current ambassador programs are maintained in a spreadsheet, and discount codes are difficult to distribute safely. Celebrity partnerships are insanely expensive. LoudCrowd wanted to build a better way. My objective was to design a set of tools that enabled Community Managers to launch successful ambassador programs quickly and easily.



Validate early and often

LoudCrowd understood that design drives business objectives. Community Managers operate in consumer experiences every day. The LoudCrowd product experience must be elegant and dead simple.

After running customer interviews and workshopping across Customer Success, Engineering, and Founding teams, I was able to identify core features and design end-to-end workflows for LoudCrowd customers.



Core workflows

Who is tagging my brand? How can I discover and interact with influencers that have less than 5,000 followers? Micro-influencers have the highest engagement at 8.8 percent. A simplified search and filter experience helps brands quickly identify, segment, and tag posts from these high-value fans.



Rewarding good behavior

Using familiar implementation approaches from e-commerce such as Shop and Bolt, brands apply LoudCrowd's sign up button to quickly integrate their landing pages with LoudCrowd's platform. As new ambassadors sign up, brands can create a culture of responding to—and incentivizing—high-quality posts through contests, reward tiers, and more through LowdCrowd.



Self-service motion

In addition to designing the core product, I built a self-service motion to help boost top of funnel activities. Transitioning from a sales-led organization to a product-led one required a significant Marketing investment. I owned the activation strategy, from signup to payments.



Company and UGC growth

LoudCrowd closed 20+ customers in 9 months, including great brands like Gymshark, Oh Polly!, and Verb. By working closely with the Engineering and Customer Success teams, together we've exceeded the goal of reducing the time to roll out ambassador programs by 50%, down from three months. Brands that use LoudCrowd to implement and manage their ambassador programs have seen an average of 150% increase in Instagram posts from loyal customers.